#ZeroWaste Gifts for Mother’s Day

Did you know that 86% of the world’s plastic waste in our oceans comes from Asia?

Moving towards #ZeroWasteSG, we support reducing consumption of single-use plastic. This includes those plastic and Styrofoam tabao lunch containers, plastic spoons and forks, wooden chopticks, and plastic straws. This is especially so for working people (we are guilty of this too) who are always buying takeaway food to eat in the comforts of our air-conditioned office.

If your office has 20 people, and everyone buys takeaway food for lunch everyday, the consumption of single use plastic is 20 persons x 5 working days = 100 plastic containers and single-use utensils thrown away each week.
For an individual, a $0.20 takeaway charge each time translates to $0.20 x ~25 working days a month x 12 months = $60 every year spent on plastic that is destroying our planet. Why not take that $60 on fresh ingredients for a family steamboat instead?
Here are some products we have found to help you help our planet! Bringing around reusable straws is a simple first step. Single-use plastic straws are typically used for a few minutes before being discarded. Small plastic items like straws are often accidentally eaten by marine animals and birds who cannot differentiate trash from food. Takeaway containers and utensils are also easy lifestyles changes that we can adopt to do our part for the environment.
7 May Straws.PNG

Cost of one stainless steel straw: $1.09

Complementing the stainless steel straws is this utensil set that comes with its own carrier. So organised and portable!

7 May Utensils

Cost of this set: $6.11

There are plenty of lunch boxes out there, but we have chosen to feature this lunch box that cooks your food if it is connected to an electrical socket. If you are in a rush, you can place some vegetables and noodles into the pot before leaving your house. When at work, simply add some water and let it steam. You will have a healthy and relatively cheaper meal (depending on your chosen ingredients). It is slightly under $12 and you can make hundreds of recipes with this.

7 May Cooking Lunch Box.PNG

Cost of this cooking lunch box: $10.66

These items are fantastic for those who have an office or resting room to leave the lunch box and utensils in. But for those who cannot do so, rest assured. We’ve got you covered! We found a stylish carrier for your meal. It is insulated as well, so your food will remain warm for several hours.

7 May Lunch Bag.PNG

Cost of this lunch bag: $8.6


Total cost of the items we picked: $26.50
Total cost of single-use takeaway items: $60 per year

Total savings: $35.50 per year

Total contribution to the environment: Infinite

Of course, you can increase your savings margin by exploring more affordable options. There are numerous designs and properties of lunch boxes which SGShop can ship to you. If you see a lunch bag design on Taobao that catches your eye, the Ship-for-Me option on SGShop can bring it to you in Singapore as well. In any case, your contribution to protecting our environment cannot be measured by money.
These items make amazing gifts and save money in the long run, which we can invest in something more meaningful than plastic waste. This Mother’s Day, we implore mothers, friends of mothers, and children to encourage one another to do our parts for Mother Nature. She deserves something on this special occasion too!
Written by Gigi
Mascot of SGshop and writer of these posts.