USA Ship For Me


Have you ever felt a rush of excitement as you lay your eyes on a product you desire, just to have your heart shatter the very next moment by a blaring ‘Ship to U.S.A only’ rejection pop-up? If they do ship internationally, frustration may further take the cake with exorbitant shipping rates, long delivery time and credit card discrimination. Argh, we feel your pain.

Breathe easy. With SGshop’s newly launched ‘USA Ship For Me’ service, shipping restrictions are now a thing of the past. Shop to your heart’s content at top USA retailers as soon as you register for your free U.S address with us! Yes, goodies from top American brands and marketplaces such as Amazon, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, and Victoria’s Secret are now a mouse click away.

Let us take out the shipping woes so that you can focus on the most enjoyable part of the shopping experience – Shopping. Together with our repacking service, we help you stretch your dollar by saving on international shipping, leaving you more to spend on purchases!

Step 1 – Receive Your Virtual U.S Address

Register for your free, personalised U.S address from SGshop instantly.

Step 2 – Shop and Ship
Start shopping and ship your purchases to the address right away!

Step 3 – Create Order Requests
Once you have received all the parcels’ tracking numbers from your merchants, log in to your SGshop account and send us a ‘New Order’ with the tracking numbers.

* Please allow a few working days for your merchants to send you the parcels’ tracking numbers as they may be in the midst of packing your orders.

Step 4 – Consolidate, Repack and Ship
Our team will inform you as soon as your parcels have arrived at our U.S warehouse. We provide free repacking service so you save more on international shipping.

Reap countless benefits as you ship with SGshop! Based in Singapore, we possess unrivalled expertise and knowledge of customs regulations to ensure a seamless process. Not to mention, we are also strategically positioned to provide real-time updates on your delivery status.

Supercharge your shopping experience with our wide array of shipping benefits:

Easy Signup
We hate hassle as much as you do. No setup fees. No segmented pricing package. By laying all our cards on the table and keeping our rates transparent, you can begin shipping as soon as possible.

Your Handy Shopping Assistant
For stores that are unable to accept international cards or your preferred payment methods, we can shop on your behalf!

Maximum Shipping Savings
Thanks to our shipping volume and long-term partnerships with reputable logistics partners such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS, we can optimise shipping options and expedite your parcels while charging unbelievably low rates. To top it off, there is also no sales tax in Oregon, which further maximises your savings.


Best Rates
Freight rates often take a huge chunk out of our shopping budgets. At times, we may also find ourselves slapped with unexpected hidden fees. Here at SGshop, we take the mystery out of shipping by subtracting all base charge and fuel surcharge, calculate all import tax and duty, and presenting you with a clear flat rate.


Superior Repacking Service
Unlike some forwarding companies, we provide repacking services FREE-OF-CHARGE. Having a small item packed in an oversized box and incurring unjustified volumetric weight is a common phenomenon. With our repacking service, your packages are consolidated and repacked by hand, helping you reduce up to 50-80% of redundant volumetric weight.

Fast and Reliable Shipping
Less time spent on shipping means more time to enjoy your shopping hauls. At SGshop, our team work around the clock to minimise shipping preparation time! We will email you as soon as your parcels have arrived at your U.S address and you can either have them shipped over right away or hold for consolidated shipping with the rest that has yet to arrive. Our shipments typically take ~5-7 working days to arrive at your doorstep once they leave our U.S warehouse.


24/7 Live Support and Status Tracking
To help you shop with a peace of mind and receive your package on time, we provide 24/7 support to guide you through every step of the way. If you have any enquiries or encounter any issues, feel free to contact us via email, live chat or call our hotline!

Written by Gigi
Mascot of SGshop and writer of these posts.